Hydro Gel

Because the right after care decides whether the hair grows well into place.

  • Moisturising care after hair transplantation
  • Triple effect: Moisturizing, scalp calming and growth stimulation
  • Efficacy and tolerability successfully tested in dermatological practice clinic
  • Also suitable for sensitive scalp
  • Contains the patented thymic peptide ingredient GKL-02 as well as hamamelis and allantoin


Content: 100 Milliliters

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Product information "Hydro Gel"

After the hair transplant, the right care decides whether the hair grows well into place. Regular application of Thymuskin Hydro Gel creates a moist environment so that scab formation on the scalp is largely avoided. This has a positive effect on the healing process. It promotes the growth of the transplanted grafts. Thymuskin Hydro Gel also has a soothing effect on the scalp.

Care with THYMUSKIN®

The patented active ingredient complex GKL-02 contained in Thymuskin consists of non-animal thymic peptides.

The biological activity of Thymuskin is particularly evident in the activation of the hair cells (keratinocytes), which have a decisive influence on the growth of the hair. Hair formation is stimulated.

Furthermore, hamamelis and allantoin have antipruritic, antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

The basis for solid growth

Scabbing is part of the healing process. However, the transplants (so-called grafts) must be able to absorb oxygen again a few days after the transplant. It is also important to have a skin-soothing effect on this area and to wash the donor area as well as the recipient area from day 3 after the transplant with a mild and pH skin-friendly shampoo. This protects the scalp from drying out.

Suitable for sensitive skin

Thymuskin Hydro Gel has passed the dermatological test carried out by the Dermatest Research Institute under specialist medical supervision on humans with "excellent". No toxic-irritant intolerances occurred in the test for irritant effects on sensitive skin according to international guidelines.


  • In consultation with the transplant surgeon, it is recommended to apply Thymuskin Hydro Gel after wound closure, from the 3rd day after the transplant.
  • Thymuskin Hydro Gel should be applied several times a day as much as needed, to the affected areas and the rest of the scalp, very gently patted on with the fingertips.
  • In particular, the transplanted area (recipient area) should be kept moist with Thymuskin Hydro Gel in order to optimally prevent scab formation.
  • Combine the Thymuskin Hydro Gel with the Thymuskin Classic Shampoo from day 3 after hair transplant.
  • Genetically caused hair loss continues even after hair transplant. To ensure lasting results, we recommend long-term use of Thymuskin Classic Shampoo and Serum afterwards.

Ingredients THYMUSKIN® HYDRO Gel


THYMUSKIN® HYDRO Gel is free of silicon, parabens and perfume. With thymic peptides of non-animal origin.

This information represents the current status. Formulas are subject to development and can change.

For external use only, keep out of the reach of children. For all products no animal tests have been carried out.

Problem: Aftercare
Product line: Hydro
Size: 100 ml